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Fujioka’s new site promises to bring new features to all of their clients. Much more than an e-commerce project, the new site for the photography giant can instantly prints Facebook and Instagram images. Offering easy reveal, optimizing customer time, the project also promises to automate existing services already offered by the company, namely its specialty; printing and editing photos in the various different sizes and products available. 


All of this with a difference, now you can choose each specific detail without leaving the house. Among the products offered are calendars, jigsaw puzzles, mugs, SQUEEZE, notebooks, bags, aprons and much more. The other new feature on the site is a specialist tool that allows clients to use their Facebook or Instagram to show photos. Just register, login and follow the step-by-step instructions and that’s it, your photos will be shown with quality. 


And the practicality doesn’t stop there.

Choose your preferred delivery method, choose between delivery to your house (via a courier service) or collect from a Fujioka store. 


ILION, in partnership with Fujioka, developed a site that gives customers the freedom to produce what they want, mounting step-by-step a product without leaving home. The new site is responsive and is suited to new trends, it will adapt to your computer’s screen, tablet or smartphone, providing a unique browsing usability experience. 


Access the site: