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Corporate Intranet

Optimize the corporate communication for your company

Intranet Corporativa


A software developed for corporate communication that allows remote access to applications via the internet. It’s ideal as companies can share information between their collaborators, clients, partners and supplies in an agile, convenient way, maximizing peoples time. The software uses a simple graphic interface, bringing together all the important information in a secure and dynamic environment, keeping them always available for the team. The software also enables the publication of news or general information, with access control by user type, (technical director, contributor, etc) .


The corporate intranet has the following features



Don’t miss a personal or corporate meeting. 



Provides reports for user access, actions taken and most visited topics. 



Send messages to other users and collaborators within the business. 



Send newsletters quickly that offer high rates of return.



Register users with distinct profiles.



Facilities to publish content. 


The information can be published using:

Internal newsletters, features news, banners, Zip Code search, Google searches, internal searches, daily notes, important links, pool, new people, events, job schedules, Birthday of the day, company standards, guides and manuals, extension searches and commemorative date. The publications can be Word, Excel, PDF, Images (photos), videos, GIF animation and audio. 


Companies can also create different categories in Intranet standards for provision of information according to your interests. 

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