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Great expertise in the construction of solutions

The Software Factory isn’t new, it has been evolving since the 70s in the search for a model that attends to the expectations of the manufactures and the market.


It may exist as sectors in large or independent companies; its design is strongly based on aspects such as standard defined processes, continuous process improvement, functional profiles tailored to the uses, code reuse, warranty and quality control and good communication. Therefore it makes use of best practices taken from the body of knowledge in project management (PMBOK) as proper planning, process standardization, quality management, human resources, and risk communications, in addition to elicitation of requirements, ensuring project implementation success.


ILION, with its expertise in the development of personalized and customized software, brings a portfolio of successful projects, that were achieved complying with the quality standards required by the Market. From an innovative idea, to an evolution of a Project to process improvement, our team is ready for a new challenge. 

ILION - Java
As well as a quality process, software is developed using cutting-edge technologies, such as:
  • JAVA 
  • TomCat / Jboss
  • Linux 
  • PostgreSQL / MySQL
  • HTML5
  • W3C, Web 2.0 and web semantic, SEO and modern programming techniques. 



Some Cases



The ESNIF, launched on the 1st October 2010, aims to help legal professionals and applicants for public servant jobs in general access the journals of the study of higher court information jurisprudence (SUPREME COURT, STJ, TSE, TST, TCU and CNJ).


ILION initially developed an e-learning portal with access restricted to users with weekly, monthly and or semester subscriptions. An online payment solution was implemented (service E-commerce) for consulting the large bulletins database.


With this step completed, an application was developed for IOS and Android platforms, which integrated the portal allowing users access to the bulletins on their mobile devices.


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Fujioka - ILION
Fujioka - ILION

Much more than an ecommerce Project, the new site for the photograph giant directly prints photos from your Facebook or Instagram. Not only does the project propose to facilitate the process of revelation, optimize the client’s time, it also proposes to automate traditional services already offered by Fujioka and which are their specialty, showing photos and prints in various products.


Important Project characteristics:

Important development of a personalized environment for products such as Photo Books, for example. Internet users can: send their photos, choose specific pages and adjust their size and position. 

All integrated into the reveal laboratory. Today it is possible to send large amounts of images with better upload performance. Integration with freight rules, stock and legacy ERP catalog.


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Emagis - ILION

Using an innovative method, Emagis focuses on preparation of weekly rounds of objective issues and questions, proof of discursive civil and criminal sentence (both state and federal), evidence of sentence and dissertation focused on labor and judicial evidence for procedural documents, opinions and dissertations related to the public prosecutor, the public advocacy and the Public Defender’s office, Always focusing on the most current topics in the context of the doctorate, of the legislation and of the jurisupudence of the higher courts.


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