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The Company

ILION is specialist Technology Company in internet development that optimizes corporate communication. This software can administer business activity with practicality and agility, targeting effective communication with the clients, sales channels, suppliers and the target market. Therefore, there is an established genuine channel of relationships between collaborators. 

ILION’s responsive site

Technologies, concepts and solutions  A little bit more of our work 

We are always updating new Technologies, tools and concepts related to the internet, incorporating them in our solutions: the collaborate importance of the user, WC3 development patterns, web 2.0 and Semantic web, SEO and modern programming techniques. Continually investing in innovative technology for customers, ILION develops software such as WEBSITES and DYNAMIC PORTALS, as well as COPORATE INTRANET, using the most up to date and adequate JAVA technology on the web.


A huge capacity for project personalization, confirming to customer needs, allows ILION to attend all levels of requirements, from the most basic to the highly complex . 


With a competent team and ample experience on the Market, ILION has an expansive client list and are present in nine Brazilian states, evidence of the company’s commitments to quality products and customer business.