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What is ILION



The splendid Mycenaean civilization that extended from the 16th century to the 12th century B.C. whose colonization reached as far as the Asian coast, culminating in the famous Trojan War. That’s right. ILION is another name for the city of Troy.


Troy is a legendary city, where the famous Trojan War happened, as described in Iliad, one of the poems attributed to Homer.


Do not doubt the existence of Troy, one of the most important CITADELS OF SUPORPOSITION, since the third millennium until the 12th century B.C, but above all its historical destruction by the Achaeans. The first great step to the discovery of the “Homeric Troy” was taken by Heinrich Schliemann, when in 1870, while excavating on a hill in Hissarlik, modern day Turkey in the north east of Asia minor, he found no less then seven superimposed cities, and to which his extraordinary assistant, the archeologist Willhelm Dorpfeld, added two more.